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This year, employers that cover their employees under a Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) once again face an important deadline for payment of a tax along with filing a corresponding Federal Tax Form. Though you may no longer sponsor a current HRA, if you did sponsor an HRA plan year that ended in 2020, this tax is due this year.
You can access the updated letter for this year’s filings at:
If Admin America administered your 2020 HRA plan year, the PCORI Average Covered Lives Report is posted and available via your Employer Portal. You can access the employer portal directly via:
If Admin America administered your 2020 HRA plan year, and the report is not available on your portal, please email to request a copy of the report.
If your plan was self-administered, instruction on how to calculate your Average Number of Covered lives is contained in the letter.
Some things to Note:

  • Most employers that sponsor a Health Reimbursement Arrangement for their employees will be required to pay the PCORI Fee directly to the IRS on or before August 2, 2021. See the How: section of the letter for complete instructions and a copy of the form.
  • For covered group heath plans with Plan Years ending in 2020, the per life rate is either $2.54 or $2.66. See the How Much: section of the letter to determine which rate applies.
  • This year’s deadline is Friday August 2, 2021. The mailing address is on page 4 of the letter.
  • The named Plan Sponsor of the HRA must report and pay the PCORI Fee. For single employer HRA plans, the employer is the Plan Sponsor.

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