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Flexible Spending Arrangements

We can help you reduce insurance costs and add depth to your employee benefits with our FSA account solution.

Health Reimbursement Arrangements

HRAs reduce premium costs for employers without reducing benefits for employees.

COBRA Administration

Admin America provides the most comprehensive and professional COBRA administration service available.

Health Savings Accounts

HSAs offer a unique opportunity for individuals to save for their long term health care needs.

Premium Only Plans

POPs prepared by Admin America are fully customized, portable and compliant with federal laws. POPs are always included with an FSA.


EverWrap™ is an ERISA document solution from Admin America for welfare benefit plans.

Forms 5500

Our full time on-staff attorney oversees the preparation of each Form 5500 for your Welfare Benefit Plans.

ACA Employer Reporting (1094 & 1095)

We designed this new service to be the simplest, most client friendly and most reliable employer reporting service available.